Friday, July 11, 2008

A week ago last Thursday (on the 3rd of July) our pals at Garage Magazine threw a little shindig at the 111 Minna Gallery in San Francisco celebrating the “Art of Kustom Kulture” or some such thing. It was a star-studded event to be sure, with the likes of Cole Foster, Alex Gambino, Bruce Gossett, Alan Forbes and Dirty Donny in attendance, just to name a few. The thing I was most looking forward to though was the inevitable WFC style “throw down” between Garage publisher Dan Stoner and Gearhead’s own art director extraordinaire Jeremy Stoner. For years Dan Stoner was apparently bothered by “this other guy named Stoner” who “suddenly popped up on the scene” and (without meeting him I might add) challenged him to a winner-take-all arm wrestling match to determine who could use the name Stoner in the Kustom Kulture publishing world. Now anyone who knows our boy Jeremy knows that when he isn’t getting paid to design up a storm, he lives at the damned gym. So I figured this thing was in the bag… but then again you never know, Dan spent time in Pennsylvania, which will toughen up any man. When I finally introduced them, their skeptical looks quickly turned into a hearty handshake, then colorful conversation and (dare I say it?) even a HUG. I guess if I wanna see blood, I gotta hang out with a different crowd, cause these guys are clearly too classy for their own good. Monster Truck show anyone?


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