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Dr. Robert
Blue Jay Way
I’m Only Sleeping
Baby’s In Black
Hey Bulldog

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The Golden State Warriors held a special Draft Day event at Oracle Arena today, and, just like any other time I've had a chance to go to anything NBA related for free, I went. Things didn't quite work out too well for me, or apparently anyone else, at this somewhat less than stellar event. I'll spare you the gory details, but highlights included a guy in an ill-fitting chefs hat yelling, "FOOD'S ALL GONE!" right as I picked up a plate after waiting in an alphabetically arranged line for 45 minutes, 95% of the crowd leaving the second The Sacramento Kings took DeMarcus Cousins with the 5th pick (the Warriors choosing Ekpe Udoh 6th was met with neither applause or boo's, just total indifference) but perhaps worst of all was this kid who would NOT give anyone else a turn on this nice, vintage 1981 Ms. Pac Man machine. i gotta admit that he WAS wearing the right jersey though, as he hogged this video game the same way Corey Maggette hogs the basketball. The new court did look great though, and better days are surely ahead... and if not, there's always next season... again!