Monday, July 14, 2008

For the last 5 years running, the second weekend in July means it's time for the best traditional rod & custom get together in the East Bay: The Asphalt Invitational. Put on by J. Ward and The Vultures CC (with valuable assistance from Miss Helen and The Radiator Hoes) the show has a great “family & friends” vibe that I look forward to all year long. At one point during this years event, I realized that except for any of the Last Originals CC (we missed you Velez!) pretty much everyone featured in Gearhead #17 was there, so I smelled a photo op. Rich from the already-legendary Pride of the Champ show had unfortunately already split when beloved Gearhead-alumnus Mike Bumbeck snapped this pic, but Alex Gambino, POTC reigning champion (and Gearhead #17 cover boy – that’s him in the wrestling mask) stood in admirably. Clockwise from the top right we have my main-squeeze Greta who penned the Scarlett Fever article, Suzie Gambino, cover boy Guido Brenner eating a hot dog, Road Devils CC president (and Scarlett’s pop) Bob James, Flip of Dead Fast Design, MLV, Alex Gambino, Miss Scarlett herself, and last but never least, Rosa James, Scarlett’s remarkable mom. It’s probably corny to say it, but a great time was truly had by all. Of course there were some amazing cars there, so many in fact that we’re going to do a little feature on it Gearhead #18. More on that later…


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