Monday, July 21, 2008

One of the fringe benefits of being well known as a “Mopar guy” is that every once in awhile, someone will lay a genuine gem on you. Case in point, at this years Asphalt Invitational, I wasn’t there five minutes before respected builder/fabricator/goddamned mechanical genius Gordon of The Vultures CC handed me this vintage early 70’s Chrysler dealership coffee maker! This West Bend-built beauty bears the Mopar logo and the words Engine, Maintenance and Parts on the top half, over a cool stylized engine block… finally I have something to go with the Dodge Rebellion girl ashtray Darv gave me over a decade ago. The simple act of having coffee and cigarettes at Gearhead HQ has been raised to a whole new Penastar-approved level!


jack p said...

Good God, MLV ! You were sandbagging when you presented me with the Direct Connection knit scarf! I wish space permitted me to discuss the inside-Mopar coffee activities which would have been so neatly addressed by just such a coffee maker.... Cheers !

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