Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Sure, they might not be as historically important, but the stuff that ex-Pistols Steve Jones and Paul Cook did right after their more infamous band self destructed in 1978 remains some of my favorite music ever made… in ANY genre. No political agenda, no frills at all really, just catchy and balls out rock 'n' roll the way I love it. This gem is from a 1980 single – watch it, learn it, LOVE IT.


Gog Magog (from Brazil) said...

Simply wonderful!
This is to be loved, really. Unfortunately, I didn't know it, until now. Thanks, my friend.
I am from Brazil, where good sounds like these, sometimes don't appear.
So, this is the opinion from Gog Magog (any comments, post to
Hope many persons can see this gem!!!

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