Friday, January 9, 2009

I just found out that Ron Asheton died, damn. As founding member of The Stooges, who literally defined proto-punk and are arguably responsible for rock and roll as we know it today, I gotta say this is a shocker. He was 60, so you could say that he outlasted many of his guitar playin’ peers (Fred “Sonic” Smith and Eddie Hazel come to mind instantly) but I still think it’s way too soon, especially considering that after decades of fans demanding it, The Stooges finally reformed in 2003 and returned to much fanfare. At least ol’ Ron got to relive the glory one last time, not unlike Arthur “Killer” Kane’s last hurrah with the New York Dolls. Life is funny like that sometimes, even in the rock and roll world you can find redemption. He will be missed.


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