Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I would imagine that damn near anyone who reads this blog is already familiar with Generation X, so think of this post as more of a celebration of one of the greatest original UK punk bands than a “history lesson.” This footage of the band recording “Kiss Me Deadly” comes from the film D.O.A., which, much like Rude Boy and all criticism aside, I’m just glad that someone had the sense to have a camera rolling. How deeply does this track resonate with me? When I finally made it to London in 2002, I only had one day there in route from Sweden back to the States, but I knew what I had to do. So “two punks” did “choose the risk the subway for a tube to Piccadilly” that day, 25 years after the song was recorded. Billy Idol sure does look young in this clip, but unlike so many of his peers he’s still with us, and considering everything that he's been through, that’s really saying something. Enjoy.


PhotoGirl said...

I love this clip, it's great! I love Billy Idol and am so thrilled and grateful he is STILL here and rockin' for us all to enjoy.

Anonymous said...

Yer freakin' me out Mike!Snuff Rock(1 of thee greatest records ever!) 'n' then Sir William of Idol(who recorded thee best 2 albums ever with Generation X)...sems like you've been sneakin' 'round 'n' listenin' to my drunken ramblin's!
Brian(Campus Tramps)a.k.a. Randy(The Coyote Men) a.k.a...
Handsome Brian(The Handsome Dicks)

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