Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Formed in 1972 and taking their musical cues more from the Bo Diddleys and Little Richards of the world than the glam rock popular at the time, The Hurriganes (the “g” is intentional, trust me) built quite the cult following in their native Finland throughout the 70’s and well into the 1980’s. Described as “Finland’s answer to Pub Rock” they do have more than a little in common with rockers like Dave Edmunds (which makes them relevant to the punk scene in general) but what struck me about them when my friend Pekka of The Hypnomen laid their classic 1974 disc Roadrunner on me in 2000, was their timeless appeal. Beloved by the Flaming Sideburns and all those who came after, their dedication to real rock and roll, with a mighty dose of hot rod and classic car imagery thrown in for good measure, makes these guys Gearhead-friendly to say the least. Check out this amazing video from God knows when in their long career and tell me you’re not instantly a fan. The Hurriganes just might be the coolest band you’ve never heard of. Oh, and check out the vintage Shell commercial tacked on at the end (or is this entire video a Shell commercial? Who knows?) you’ll be glad you did. Sorry about the audio, that's as loud as it gets.


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