Wednesday, January 21, 2009

As tempting as it was to go with Icons of Filth, Iron Cross or even the Inca Babies for the letter I, the recent passing of Stooges founding guitarist Ron Asheton sealed the deal; so Iggy and the Stooges it is.

This footage of the band playing at the Cincinnati Pop Festival in 1970 has made its way around ye olde internet to be sure, but if there’s even a chance that someone on earth hasn’t seen it yet, then it’s definitely worth posting here. Rumor has it that a young Stiv Bators gave Iggy the now infamous jar of peanut butter that he saw fit to spread all over himself. That's feasible I guess, after all it is a small world, or more specifically, Ohio is a small state when it came to rock n’ roll 39 years ago.


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