Friday, February 13, 2009


About 5 years ago, a promo CD in a plain white sleeve arrived at my P.O. Box. A Band of Bees? I never heard of them, and almost didn’t play it, but eventually I did and was blown away, as I always am when I hear a bunch of hillbillies play with so much soul. So, "I had to do some investigating" as my friend Rob Tabachka would say. A little later on, an early You Tube search turned up this amazing and quite ingenious video, which only fueled the “who in the Hell are these guys” fire. Five years later, I still don’t know, but this is definitely worth a look. Just try not to groove, I dare ya!


skireel said...

Most songs about chicken rule. Even ones who's videos are a total disconnect from the tune. But shit, we'll watch Japanese peeps do just about anything...

Gary Inman and Ben Part said...

They're from the Isle of Wight, off the South coast of England. They're just called The Bees.

Michael LaVella said...

Thanks Gary... there is actually another video for this song (released by Yep Roc) that shows young garage punk hipsters lip-syncing to this song, which only added to my original confusion. Isle of Wright? Damn!

Gary Inman and Ben Part said...

You're welcome. I have the first eight issues of Gearhead (and some Speed Kills, whatever happened to that?). Then the record shop in Leeds, UK closed and, in pre-internet days, I couldn't find it. Great to find this blog.
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