Friday, February 20, 2009

Devo (New Traditionalists tour 1981, on the treadmills)
The Clash (twice in 1982, with Terry Chimes drumming)
Elvis Costello & The Attractions (1982, original line-up: epic!)
Gang of Four (three times between 1981 and ‘83)
The Pretenders (original line-up, 1981)


Spahr said...

What, no Van Halen "Women and Children First" tour? Oh wait, the title isn't "Bands that I saw live that would make Spahr jealous"
Seriously, you might have to expand the category to a top 25 or maybe just do a top 5 by year.

Michael LaVella said...

Yeah, the list of metal bands I saw isn't nearly as impressive, although I did see UFO open for Cheap Trick at the "Igloo" in 1981... and of course lest we forget that it was none other than Rail who opened for Van Halen in 1980. Sing it with me "GANG - BUST - ERS!"

sam said...

the ones i get asked about the most are black flag and flipper. usually by someone who wasn't born yet when the show happened. the time i saw van halen kick sabbath's butt in 78 remains a favorite memory.

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