Monday, February 9, 2009

No, I haven’t misplaced my calendar friends. I know that the holidays are behind us and that summer is still months away. I’m talking about my favorite time of the year: Now. Why you ask? Because football is over and baseball hasn’t started up yet, so for a few wonderful weeks it’s all about the NBA. Baring some sports legends death or a drug/sex scandal, basketball scores and the days top plays are always the lead in stories on SportsCenter, and talk about player movement or the standings and whatnot dominate other ESPN shows like First Take and it’s spin off 1st and 10. Add that to the 24/7 action available on NBA TV, and I’m all set until the final game of the playoffs… so see you in July when I re-emerge and slowly work my way back into society, at least until the season starts again in October.


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