Friday, March 7, 2008

After years of hardcore procrastination, I finally got my blog up and running. Yes, I am aware that I am the last human being on earth to have one, but anyone who knows me knows that I've always been a bit slow on the draw when it comes to new technology. I didn't get email until 1999, and resisted cell phones until 2001. Once I get up to speed however, I generally embrace the "new thing" and even run with it - getting 11,000+ friends on My Space in 6 months is a good recent example - so I expect to post here often. Over the years I've written many a piece that was somehow wrong for my editorial page in Gearhead Magazine, and I believe that this is a more welcoming format for them. Additionally, I have been making Top 5 lists for years, but really picked up the pace after discovering Merlin Mann's brilliant 5ives page a few years back. I have literally dozens of them, hopefully all informative or at very least mildly entertaining, so I'll be posting them often throughout the week, with the longer pieces showing up occasionally.

Enjoy, MLV


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