Saturday, September 20, 2008

While it would be nothing short than an exercise in total futility to try and rank the 12 Billetproof shows from top to bottom, 2008 would absolutely have to go right near the top of the proverbial heap. Of course it doesn’t hurt to have Cole Foster signing his new book (co-written by yours truly) in your booth, which pretty much guarantees that a who’s who of car show celebs will be passing through all day. I’ll be posting more pics all throughout the week… Oh yeah, if you want a signed and numbered edition of the book for yourself, they are available right here.


RagDoll said...

I agree! One of the best ever! Thanks for putting up with Mac for an hour! =) Guess he got tired of hanging around the girly stuff at my booth. Your shirt is still Little Macs favorite! See you!

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