Sunday, August 31, 2008

Day two of the Primer Nats and even more after parties, but for us there could be only one destination: The grand opening of Dan Collin’s new shop, Old Gold Garage. Conveniently located right there in Ventura, the shop is much more than just that, as it also features a store, a showroom, and on this day rockabilly bands playing on a trailer and a portable BBQ set up that easily fed every hungry SOB that showed up! Of course we are talking about Dan Collins here, who does nothing half assed. Just look at his artwork, his tattoos and of course his customs… it stands to reason that Old Gold would be a first class operation. I don’t wanna do TMZ’s job for them, but I gotta report that this lil’ shindig was truly a kustom kulture who’s who if there ever was one. Rather than run a list that would shame other events, let’s just focus on this picture, shall we? I pointed out to Dan that having tattoo legend and Beatniks Car Club founder Jack Rudy show up at your place is kinda like having ol’ Jesus himself come off the cross to give you his blessing, and he didn’t disagree… and yes that’s Verne of the Burbank Choppers iconic ’34 that Jack is sitting on. I think that perfectly sums up the quality of rides and those that built ‘em in attendance, sometimes you just gotta love living in California.


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