Saturday, August 23, 2008

Pittsburgh PA, Day 2:
For my cousin Beato and his family, it’s another wildly successful garlic party in the record books. This annual backyard bash of his is getting so big that we’ll soon have to think of Greensburg PA as “Lil’ Gilroy.” Besides the normal cast of characters made up of our family and his golf buddies (one of whom brought no less than 6 boxes of premium cigars – thanks pal!) my sister and her family drove up from Florida and like the saying goes, a great time was had by all. It’s hard to pick out just one memorable moment, but in the context of Gearhead, the car that Maurice Zaffina of Zaffina’s Distributing in Scottsdale PA showed up in has to be the highlite. This rollin’ can of Stroh’s was something to behold, right down to the beer tap hood ornament. Gives the term “Shotgun!” a whole new meaning! Next year I’ll drag race him in my Dickelmobile, personal fortune pending.


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