Monday, June 30, 2008

OK, at least this time I can present a good reason for not posting much this month… Shipping baby! That’s right, since the distro deal with RCS is now in full effect, more copies of Gearhead than ever were shipped out over the course of this month. What does that mean? Mostly a sore back for Roberto my UPS guy, and a hernia for me! But seriously, you should now be able to find Gearhead in any Barnes & Noble or Hastings, and at all Borders on the West Coast. If you see #17 in any of those places, do your old pal MLV a favor and pick one up. The only way they will continue to stock it is if the sales are solid, so I’m counting on everyone to help move Gearhead into the future. Thanks.


toke said...

I'm closing at Barnes and Yarnell Friday Night, and now I'll have something worthwhile to read. Some prick had the audacity to purchase our only copy of Egan's "Leanings 2" before I finished it, and the thought of spending the last two hours of the night pretending to work is just to morbid for me to consider.
And don't worry Mike, I'm gonna PAY for it. I've got 'em all up to this point, why stop now?

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