Friday, May 2, 2008

OK, seems that people are really digging the vintage pics of me with the icons of punk from back in the day, so here’s this weeks photo: Joey Shithead. D.O.A. are, of course, beyond legendary in hardcore circles, so in 1987 when I was driver/roadie for Government Issue and they played with them at City Gardens in Trenton, I couldn’t resist having Jay Robbins snap this pic. I like it because I’m stoked and doing the “fist pumpin’ punk thing” while Joey, God bless ‘em, is clearly in the middle of dealing with the mountain of pre-laptop, pre-cell phone paperwork that was a part of touring back then. A whole different era, indeed.


toke said...

Hey, did you hear the DOA is doing a 30 year reunion tour with bassist/gymnast Randy Rampage?

They also have a new LP in the works produced by Bob -Metallica, Motley Crue, Cranberries, Cult- Rock.

Where is Biscuits? I'd love to hear what B.R. could make his drums sound like.
Last I heard his knees were blown out.

motorcycho said...

My friend Jimmy is playing drums for DOA now! He was the drummer for The Von Zippers.. the greatest rawk band ever! Joey's book is a real good read as well!

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